Solidarity Through Song 2018

On 8th February 2018, the Shabbaton Choir will embark on its 10th Solidarity Through Song Mission (StS18) to Israel, led by our Music Director Stephen Levey.  This five-day visit will mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of the State of Israel and will, in particular, celebrate the remarkable role played by the Israel Defence Forces in the social, educational and technological development of the country.

All of the Shabbaton Choir’s previous StS humanitarian missions brought support from the UK’s Jewish Community to all sections of the Israeli society through the medium of song.  Together with our soloists, Rabbi Lionel Rosenfeld, Jonny Turgel and Shimon Craimer, the Choir has performed at many hospitals, institutions catering for special needs children and adults, rehabilitation centres treating victims of terror, elderly care homes and educational centres for children.  A full list of all the institutions we have previously visited on past missions can be seen here.

StS18 will concentrate on visits to institutions related to the outstanding work of the IDF.  For some years, the Choir has taken part in the annual visit to London of ex-special service soldiers suffering from post-traumatic stress as part of a programme called “Peace of Mind”, centred at the Herzog Hospital in Jerusalem which we hope to visit.  The Choir will also visit Beit Halochem Be’er Sheva, which concentrates on the urgent needs of Israel’s war disabled.  We are arranging to perform at an evening fundraising concert in aid of Bet Halochem on Sunday 11th February.

In addition to visiting IDF related institutions, the Choir will again bring comfort, song and joy to a wide range of social and medical care charities.  An example is Aleh Negev, home to over 140 severely disabled children in Ofakim, Southern Israel.  The programme of events for StS18 will also focus on the areas bordering Gaza which continue to suffer stress in the face of continuing terrorist threats.  To bring as much comfort and joy as possible, we will visit at least three institutions every day and perform at two major fundraising concerts in support of major Israeli charities.

The Shabbaton Choir is also famed for its outstanding Shabbat services and we are planning a complete Shabbat programme for synagogue communities in Netanya.

None of our choristers receive any payment and each chorister is required to make a financial contribution towards the costs of the Mission, which comprises airfares, accommodation, internal transportation and meals.

However, we need to raise sponsorship funds to offset these costs.  Your financial support will be invaluable to the work of the Shabbaton Choir - bringing the gift of joy and celebration from the UK Jewish Community to Israel on its 70th birthday.

If you would like to donate in a different way (e.g. charity cheque, bank transfer, etc.), please contact us.

We hope that you will be able to help.

The Shabbaton Choir is a registered charity, registered in England and Wales under Number 1058256.