Oseh Shalom


On 24th November 1984 one of the most famous music recordings in history, "Band Aid", took place at a studio in North London.  On 30th April 2008, this arrangment of Oseh Shalom was recorded in the very same studio.

Featuring the Former Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom Lord Sacks, this song is the finale to the Home of Hope double CD featuring music and words to celebrate Israel's 60th Anniversary.

The idea behind the new music for Oseh Shalom was, in the words of its composer Stephen Levey (Musical Director of the Shabbaton Choir), “to write a piece which would appeal to all, with words that are well known and with a tune that could be sung easily”.

The Chief Rabbi wanted images to accompany some of the songs on the CD. Whilst on the “Solidarity through Song” mission to Israel in March 2008 the Chief Rabbi asked Stephen to consider how he would visualise Oseh Shalom as a film.

On seeing and hearing the positive response to the song both in Israel and in the UK, Stephen felt it could be filmed as an anthem in the style of the “Band Aid” video.

This was fortuitous, as the musical director for Band Aid, Trevor Horn CBE, had been instrumental (literally) in arranging some of the music on the Home of Hope CD.  Once again he offered, very generously, to produce the track at his studio – the same studio in which Band Aid was recorded twenty four years earlier.  The recording took place on 30th April 2008 with soloists Jonny Turgel, Shimon Craimer and Rabbi Lionel Rosenfeld, The Shabbaton Choir, children from London’s Moriah Jewish Day School and The Chief Rabbi himself. The film was produced and directed by Adam Cohen.